Despegando Show

Despegando Show

Adriana Gallardo launched her own online series, “Despegando Show” (Taking Off Show) in order to inspire and motivate the Latino community to achieve their personal and professional goals. Using all the experience and wisdom she has accumulated throughout the years, Adriana gives Latinos the necessary tools for them to succeed in life.

“Despegando Show” with Adriana Gallardo is a reality show that shows the process and the elements necessary to succeed in business and in life. Adriana’s aim is to help Hispanics “take off” successfully. There are struggles, drama and entertainment during the contestants’ progress. Adriana is accompanied by experts to participate as “mentors” for contestants throughout their journey on the show.

“When I started, the insurance companies did not want Latinos,” says Adriana. “They thought they did not comply with the laws, they paid badly, they were problematic clients. Then when I start to open up the market and to offer services in Spanish, I began to grow and grow. My husband joined my sisters and my dad also joined, and the business grew as a family company. “

After having an established business for almost a decade, Adriana decided to open her own advertising company, Resulta2, in order to manage her image and the business more actively. Through this, she is able to explore her creative side, which continues to grow as the star and producer of her own series.

Adriana’s mission with “Despegando Show” is to have the widest possible platform to continue giving back to the community. “I want to inspire, motivate, and share what I’ve been through because I care that as Latinos people value us and treat us with respect in this country.“

And who better to share this with her audience?

“I took off out of nowhere and I became a very successful woman,” says Adriana proudly. “I am still taking off.”

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